Will Sorenson Machine Learning and Coding

Jupyter in the Clouds

Using the Jupyter Notebook with an EC2 instance allows us to analyze data of a size that would be difficult or impossible to do on our local machines. The most powerful (from a memory perspective) EC2 instance has 244GB of Ram and 32 cores and often costs only 50 cents/hr. This tutorial explains: How to Set up the Jupyter Notebook on an EC2... Read more

In Search of the Most Promising Movie Remakes or Sequels

Over the past couple of years Netflix and other tech firms have been enormously successful producing TV series for their subscribers. What would this strategy look like in the case of movies? I use data publicly available from Box Office Mojo and IMDB to find the films that are most likely to have a successful sequel. Movies vs TV Series For s... Read more

Quick Command Line Apps with Click

Synopsis If thinking of making a CLI tool, consider using Python with click. It is very fast and will make your life easier. It is probably the most straightforward way to automate tasks. This script removes an enormous headache of making blog posts. As I already tend to take notes using the Jupyter Notebook, it makes it very easy to blog regu... Read more

SQLite 3

What is sqlite3 good for? Using the sqlite3 CLI can often be a good alternative to python-based solutions when the operations we are performing is easy to express directly with SQL. How does it work? Commands like .tables are prefixed with a dot. SQL statements select * from AllstarFull end with a semicolon Useful commands are: .ta... Read more