Will Sorenson Machine Learning and Coding

Making working on Remote Boxes a Breeze

Up until recently, I rarely used the beefy workstation that I built out of frustration with the performance of my laptops’ performance on intensive tasks. This all changed last week and the catalyst was a tool called Mosh. Mosh is an alternative to ssh that has all the features I always wished it had. With mosh, there are no more broken pipes an... Read more

Shiny by Example

I’ve found the best way to learn Shiny is by example. When I started working with Shiny, I could look at previous projects on my team. Since this is no longer an option, I’ve found some instructive examples to learn from below. Example 1: Solid Shiny Dashboard This example (source) uses Shiny Dashboard and efficiently makes an elegant dashboar... Read more

Attack of the Outliers

One of the more difficult part of making predictive models is making sure that our model is robust to outliers. Fitting data strongly to outliers tends to give us bad predictive results. There are two solution that will work well in most cases and the are a few other methods worth considering when the first two either fail or are impracticle. U... Read more

Everything about Random Forests

Random Forests are an increasingly popular machine learning algorithim. They perform well in a wide variety of learning and prediction problems despite being exceedingly easy to implement. Random forests can be used for both classification and regression problems. This post describes the intuition of how Random Forests work as well as its. adva... Read more

Starting a Successful Restaurant

Founding a successful restaurant is hard. 60% fail in 3 years. This pales in comparison to hotel chains that average a 7% failure rate over 10 years. Growing up, my uncle Jim struggled with his restaurant for 3 years before he finally admitted defeat. Can we use Data to improve the chances of starting a successful restaurant? This month, I deci... Read more